Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Well it has been ages since I posted anything! I suppose it's because all this new media takes a while to get used to! Keeping up with Facebook and Twitter and all the other "stuff". Well we have been really busy, we are renovating the Cottages over the Winter. Its wonderful meeting new Guests and welcoming back previous Guests - I was going to say old faces but realised that might not be a very diplomatic thing to say :) Then the Farm is getting Busy as Spring has made a welcome return - I hope I'm not speaking too soon.... Nature really gets busy in Tibradden in Springtime. The wild Deer on the Hill came down fairly close to us on Friday to see what we were doing...they are so graceful and move so fast. No wonder Santa uses Deer they really are a very eco friendly way to travel - moving in the blink of an eye! The ewes are starting to lamb...Chris is up at night watching the ewes - Marilyn the pure bred Suffolk is next to lamb. Its her first time. She is expecting twins. We had a Family vote for her name and Marilyn came out clear favourite as she is the most blonde of our Suffolks ( her fleece is quite yellow!) We haven't heard the Cuckoo yet. She comes every year to Tibradden and her distinctive call is a sure sign Spring has sprung!

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